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About Aotearoa Park Cold Storage Limited

We have been in the business of providing reliable refrigerated storage for a range of customers for well over 20 years. Our Central North Island location is ideal for firms wanting to set up a centralised distribution network for domestic or export product.


Aotearoa Park Cold Storage is owned by Bruce and Joan Cochrane and is a sister to company to Aotearoa Park Developments Ltd which owns the Aotearoa Park site.

Aotearoa Park Cold Storage came about following the purchase by Bruce and Joan of the former Weddell Aotearoa meat processing plant after its closure in 1993 along with 4 other Weddell plants across New Zealand.

The original plan was to relocate Cochrane’s Transport’s head office to the site and establish Aotearoa Park as a food processing and distribution hub.  As it turned out, the site’s potential as a food processing and distribution location was quickly realised when Ingham Enterprises located its further processing plant and NZ distribution centre there shortly after the site was established.


As a result, the site quickly became an enviable food processing and distribution location and Aotearoa Park Cold Storage was created as the opportunity to service Aotearoa Park’s on-site customers as well as other companies requiring cold storage and blast freezing was identified.

The site is unique in that it has a large blast freezing capacity as a result of its former use as a meat processing plant and a variety of room sizes which enables it to cater for different customer requirements.  This and the flexibility provided by being a boutique facility, along with a lack of operating restrictions often encountered by other cold store providers mean that Aotearoa Park Cold Storage’s services are sought after in the processing and distribution industry.